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Muzer muzerakascooby at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 19:22:21 UTC 2009

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Paul Rumelhart wrote:
> Yeah, I know I'm a little behind the curve. 
> So far, I'm liking KDE4.  I didn't think that would be the case, which 
> is why I waited so long.  I have a couple of questions so far, though:
> 1) Is there a plasma widget that will show the amount of memory that is 
> being used?  I found one for CPU and network activity, but haven't seen 
> a memory one.

Yes, the RAM Meter

> 2) Is there some way to stop having every path in a terminal show up in 
> the Documents directory?  It's a pain, because all my stuff is under the 
> main level.  It even happens when I launch gvim, I have to type :e 
> .../blah/blah/blah to get to my files.  Could we stop adopting every 
> single bad idea that Microsoft comes up with?  The home directory is 
> already the equivalent of the Users or My Documents directories, we 
> don't need to drill it down any farther. </rant>
It shows in ~ by default for me. If it doesn't for you, you could figure
out why, or just for a quick hack, add:

...to the end of ~/.bashrc
> 3) When I boot up, my login screen is at 1920x1200, which for my card 
> means that I have to pan around in a 1680x1050 window.  I have gone into 
> the system settings and set the display to be 1680x1050, but it shows 
> that in a pan-able 1920x1200 window - which is not what I want.  How do 
> I get the initial login screen to start at 1680x1050, or at least have 
> KDE switch to 1680x1050 when it comes up?  I can go into Desktop 
> settings after I've logged in and change the refresh rate and have it 
> set the resolution correctly (it already thinks it's at 1680x1050, so I 
> have to change something to get the update button to show up).
> So far though, aside from some small annoyances, I'm happy.  The upgrade 
> using the adept updater went smoothly, and it did most of the work 
> overnight.
> Paul

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