Is there some trick installing a .exe file using wine, for, Kubuntu 8.04

David Kuntadi d.kuntadi at
Sun Oct 11 01:41:15 UTC 2009

On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 1:10 AM, Brian Norman Wootton
<Brian.Meg at> wrote:
> Microsoft Picture It! Photo Standard 9
> I use Gimp a lot, but it has far more 'functionality' than I need, and it's
> multiplicity of options sometimes confuses my appalling memory. I have used
> Picture It for some years, am used to it its limitations but can quickly
> get it to do what I want.
>  Having said all that I ain't going to cry if it is one of those apps that
> wine can't deal with, Gimp can and does do what I want.

It is a discontinued product of microsoft, I could not find any
(trial) download link. Could you give me a download link, or send the
file to my email address to try.


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