Aptitude prevention

Wesley Velroij velroij at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 10:47:18 UTC 2009

Don´t talk such bullshit, I don´t follow rules online, internet is free and
opensoure is supposed to be free, so if I answer on top of mail its your
problem not my, because I only signed up for helping kubuntu to translate
installer bling in dutch, because that translation got many missing strings.

2009/10/4 Gene Heskett <gene.heskett at verizon.net>

> On Sunday 04 October 2009, Wesley Velroij wrote:
> >I post how I want, your not one to decide for me, its my mail account not
> >yours, and gmail always top post go hide behind your pc if you don´t like
> >what I say
> >
> Why blame gmail?  There is I'm quite sure, a down arrow that will take your
> cursor to the bottom of the message so you can type there.  Or you can
> probably pull the scroll bar down and click where you want to type.
> It is acceptable to enter your replies inline also, so that the answer to
> an
> individual question or comment is read by the rest of the world in the same
> order as a normal conversation would take place.
> And lastly, this list has posting guides that recommend those practices.
>  It
> is also populated by volunteers, who are free to ignore, or even filter out
> other posters who think this list is their own bunch of slaves. Attitudes
> like yours will get your messages sent to /dev/null.  The choice is yours
> to
> be uncivil, the choice is ours to filter you.
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> Cheers, Gene
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