Amarok 2.2/1.4

Lisi lisi.reisz at
Thu Nov 26 22:52:00 GMT 2009

Thanks again, Myriam.

On Thursday 26 November 2009 21:33:23 Myriam Schweingruber wrote:
> > Sadly, Amarok is now even worse.  At least before I could persuade it to
> > play something and even it sometimes didn't crash, now it won't play a CD
> > at all.  :-(
> Then something is wrong with your installation. Please check that you
> have indeed a default Phonon installation with the xine backend.
> It works perfectly well here with version 2.2.1, running Kubuntu 9.10.

Yes, I have checked.  

> Don't hesitate to drop into our support channel #amarok on
>, I am sure that this is a solvable issue.

Thanks, I'll try that.  I normally avoid irc channels because I am a _very_ 
slow and typist.  But I think that I will get some sleep first in the hope 
that my brain may start working again.  I'm a lark, not an owl.

> > I am a long time fan of Amarok, but I have clearly got to go on a CD
> > player hunt.  :-(  (This is for someone else, not me.  I myself use KDE
> > 3.5.10 on Lenny with Amarok 1.4.10, and I have obviously got to hang onto
> > them for as long as possible.)
> >
> > Perhaps Rythmbox, which I think is the default in Ubuntu Karmic?
> Which will drag in a lot of Gnome dependencies,

Yes, I came to that conclusion when I saw what it wanted to drag in.  I have 
installed Kaffeine for now, but it isn't really ideal as a music player.  I 
had uninstalled Amarok, but I'll install it again in the morning and get onto 
the irc channel.  As I say, I am a long-time Amarok fan and would be sorry to 
have to wave it goodbye for myself when Lenny bites the dust.  

> like Pulseaudio, which 
> will most likely kill your sound in KDE altogether.

A lucky escape then!!

> ... But if you 
> prefer to give up that fast, your choice.

By temperament, far from giving up I am usually positively pig-headed when I 
start something.  But this is for someone else, and I have a time limit.  And 
I was feeling badly out of my depth!  But if you are sure that it is soluble, 
I would certainly like to try to solve it - tho' I shall leave Kaffeine alone 
just for now.

Thanks for your persistence.


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