KDE 4.3 icons

Alan Dacey Sr. GrokIt at ajinfosearch.com
Wed Nov 18 22:30:52 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 18 November 2009 02:16:46 am O. Sinclair wrote:
> Does anyone know where KDE 4.3 stores the user's icons? I have done 2
> reinstallations for users where I have left /home untouched and it has
> worked quite well.
> However - icons mess up. The oxygen theme never overwrites the existing
> ones and I have had to install another icon theme. Reinstalltion of the
> oxygen-icons package does nothing, it does not even show up as a theme
> to choose from.
> I figure I should delete the icon cache in /home/user before installing
> - but where is it hiding?
> Sinclair

I found mine in:

user's custom icons:

from packages/themes:

no idea (gnome?):


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