Netbook recommendation

Steve Lamb grey at
Mon Nov 16 05:38:31 GMT 2009

Billie Erin Walsh wrote:
> SO, I guess you would rather buy a cruddy computer that has Linux than 
> one that meets your needs but you will have to load Linux. And, I think 
> you need to rethink the definition of "change" in the context I used it in.

     Who said anything about a cruddy computer?  From what I have seen the 
Linux preloaded machines are actually quite nice.  My Mini 10v sure is.

> Not everyone in the world is independently wealthy and can buy a new 
> computer every week.

     Nice hyperbole.  I mentioned 10 computers in 10 years, not a new computer 
every week.  This last time I purposely bought my Mini 10v off of Dell's site 
even though the delivery time was 30 days.  I could have bought a 10v from 
Best Buy and had UNR on it in less than 10 hours.

     I got the hardware I wanted (10v), which is decidedly not cruddy, and 
registered a Linux sale at the same time.  That was going into the decision 
with an eye for Linux FIRST, hardware second.  Netbooks are one of the areas 
where that is possible so we should support that.  One can get the hardware 
they want.

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