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Wed May 27 17:38:07 BST 2009


Just as an example, this is the way the Ubuntu Users List has chosen to
deal with a similar issue on that list. While the list owners of this
list can make their own choices and it appears they have, this is one
way that a "community" could deal with the problem. It's not as "top down"
as what is going on here. I'm not advocating that it be followed here,
just want some clarification about how your "moderation" decisions will be
arrived at, who's definitions will be used?

Quote from a post on l.u.user.
"The tone used on this mailing list recently got a lot worse and totally
out of bounds with the requirement to respect the Ubuntu Code of Conduct
[1] for posts to this list.

While we have a mailing list etiquette [2] the size of this list lets
things run out of control quite often and i observed more and more the
call for mailing list administrator intervention in the past.

The persons currently running the list do not have the resources to
actively monitor every single post for appropriate content or Code of
Conduct violation.

In a discussion i had with one of the administrators we came to the
conclusion that a governance team should be put in place taking the
administrator role for it, consisting of people actively participating in
the list and functioning similar to the IRC council [3] we already have in
place for our IRC channels.

The team should be formed during a community council meeting (requirements
need to be defined here) operating as a sub-instance of the Ubuntu
Community Council [4].

Similar to the IRC Operator guidelines [5] that team should first work out
guidelines for itself how to handle different levels of inappropriate
behavior (and indeed obey to its own rules).

The team should have enough members to peer-control itself so that one
team member can not abuse power.

I would like to see a discussion on-list first for this topic but will put
it up on the agenda for one of the next community council meetings [6]
(given that UDS is near it is likely that one or the other meeting might
have to be skipped by the council members, thus the proposal for the dates
Looking at the current schedule it appears that the meeting on June 16 at
11:00 UTC is a safe bet for a meeting with council quorum to be held, that
should give the list members here enough time to prepare and discuss the
issues here (since not everyone can attend a meeting at 11:00 UTC easily i
would propose to also use the follow-up meeting on July 7 at 21:00 UTC to
make sure everyone who wants to speak up is able to attend to at least one
of the two meetings).

I wish everyone a healthy discussion and hope we come to a proper
conclusion that suits the majority and turns this list into a more
friendly place."

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