Goh Lip g.lip at
Wed May 27 14:01:31 BST 2009

Ulrich Grün wrote:
 > 2009/5/26 Goh Lip <g.lip at>:
 > <-- deleted nonsense -->
Why is the flock so bad to make her so flustered

 > Message to all contributors of unnecessary and hateful replies:
 >      *Could you please stop this
 > If the moderators think they have to moderate, they'll have their
 > reasons to do so.
 > So, let them do their work. In stead of criticising them for that,
 > let's do our best not to receive a moderation flag and use this list
 > for what it is intended for!

Oh, sorry didn't know your English is bad.
I was defending her, not criticizing her.
If you know I was defending her, do not use my thread to appear 
otherwise and delete my message to hide it. Bad manners.
Better have bad english than bad manners though.

 > Love and Light,
 > Ulrich

 > <-- deleted nonsense -->

What's good for the goose is not good for the gender.
(do you want me to explain?)

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