KDE4.3 beta issues

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue May 26 15:20:02 BST 2009

> On that, we wholeheartedly agree!  KDE 4.2.2 should've been KDE 4.0.
> What got released as 4.0 was really still alpha code.  4.1 was what I
> might call "beta" and should *NEVER* have been included in Kubuntu as
> the default.  4.2.x is actually decent, though still not
> feature-complete compared to KDE 3.5.

KDE 4.0 was the release of the stable APIs, not a stable desktop. KDE
is _not_ a desktop, it is an umbrella name for a lot of technologies.
The KDE 4.0 desktop was clearly labeled as "not for end users" and the
KDE 4.1desktop was also clearly labeled as "for early adopters only".
Complain to your distro that they included this software, that was
clearly labeled as not meant for use.

> I do look forward to trying out KDE 4.3 beta when it hits the Jaunty
> repositories, like what was done with 4.2 and Intrepid.  I sure hope
> they included a decent replacement for kprinter in 4.3.

If you tell me what you find indecent about the current kprinter, then
we can file bugs and help ensure that it is decent, not just hope.

Dotan Cohen


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