Changing display resolution

Derek Broughton derek at
Mon May 25 17:19:30 UTC 2009

Mark Greenwood wrote:

>> whatever
>> Mandriva did worked for your hardware - problem solved.  And _exactly_
>> why you don't think the problem's getting enough attention from Kubuntu
>> devs - it's got a simple workaround.
> I hardly think installing a different OS is a "simple workaround".

And he didn't have to - he just copied a working xorg.conf.  That works for 
most people.  Usually you just have to post here and describe your hardware 
and someone will send you one.

> It seems to me from the poking around I've done that the Debian/Ubuntu way
> seems to be to do absolutely nothing - i.e. leave Xorg.conf empty.

Precisely - xorg probes the hardware and _usually_ comes up with the right 

> The
> Mandriva way is to configure it fully at setup, and provide GUI tools to
> tweak it when it doesn't work. 

We have those too.

> The Debain/Ubuntu way gives the user no
> chance at all unless they're familiar with editing xorg.conf from scratch.

Not at all

> All that said, I must say I've found Kubuntu (9.04) works better *when it
> works* - but getting it to the "it works" stage often involves a lot of
> frustration and head scratching that should not be necessary (and indeed
> was not necessary in Hardy or Intrepid on the same hardware).

And for people like you, copying xorg.conf from your old Hardy or Intrepid 
system should also work.

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