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Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Sun May 24 23:23:46 UTC 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:

>>>>> 1. Go into a folder, click the back button (which you have to manually
>>>>> place into a toolbar) and the position in the list you return to is
>>>>> lost (i.e you have to re-scroll/find the place you where before).
>>>> Right, and that's a _dolphin_ bug.
>>> That is not a bug. It might make for a nice feature request, but it is
>>> not a bug.
>> Why not? The old konqueror file manager did this right, why should it not
>> be considered a bug if the new file manager doesn't?
> Because missing features from KDE 3 -> KDE 4 are not bugs. KDE 4 is a
> rewrite, not a port. I know that sounds pedantic, but there have been
> many arguments about this already. I don't decide, the KDE devs
> decide, and they say it's a feature request.

They can call it what they want - I'm still going to file things like this 
as _bugs_ and I encourage anybody who's upset about missing features to do 
the same.  This is the attitude that really annoyed me when we got a 
completely broken KDE4 sprung on us.  It doesn't matter that KDE4 is a 
rewrite, if KDE3 had features we've come to rely on, losing them in the 
upgrade is a bug.

>> Thankfully.  I wonder if that's only specifically the middle-click
>> behavior, though?  That looks like it works to me, but what I'm seeing is
>> left-clicks in the scroll bar being repeated random numbers of times, and
>> it isn't just the mouse, because using Page-Down is just as bad.
> In a reproducible fashion? Tell me how to reproduce it, I will file
> the bug. Thanks.
Left click on a scroll-bar - in Kate and Konqueror for certain, Konsole I 
think, and probably other KDE apps - and the scrolling will continue until 
it reaches the end of the content.  It doesn't matter if I use my touchpad, 
wired mouse, wireless mouse or Page Up/Down keys, so it's not particular 
hardware, and afaict it can't even be the HID driver - as the Page keys 
can't go through that.

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