KDE4.3 beta issues

Jussi Kekkonen tmt at ubuntu.com
Fri May 22 21:20:13 BST 2009


>> * The size: some packages actually weight double or sometimes much
>> more the size with the debugging symbols.
> Yes, and we can afford it.
>> * The speed: debugging symbols are loaded in memory, which will have a
>> considerable effect on the PC speed if one has less than 1 GB of RAM
>> and opens many applications. Even with more RAM, try running an
>> application in gdb (the Gnu debugger) and you will see the drastic
>> speed drop you will experience.
> The users we're talking about aren't _ever_ going to use gdb.  If there are
> packages that seriously do have performance problems when the symbol tables
> are included, that's a valid reason for leaving them out of _specific_
> packages, but they should be included in most apps by default.

FYI there's still us who cannot afford it, really...

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