OT. This list has become "Neighbours, The Vollom Years".

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu May 21 15:40:45 BST 2009

> Steven asks questions that many people seem too scared to ask.  I have no
> problem with that.

Exactly! I personally have filed at least 10 or 15 usability bugs
against Launchpad and KDE due to Steven's posts. He is a terrific
insight into the "average joe" because he perpetually stays average.

>>>  the loss of a great and
>>> *functional* file manager called konqueror,
>> Aye aye. This one is a real blow. I actually feel sad. I really will miss
>> the ability to have files in one tab and a web-page in another --
> Damn!  When did that happen?  I still do it (Jaunty).  Heck, I can even have
> a web page in half the frame of one tab, and files in the other.  While
> Dolphin has some annoying habits, none of them seem to be beyond either
> accommodation or suppression!

You can have files in one tab, webpage in another, a PDF open in
another, and then a split pane with an ODF file on one side and a JPG
on the other. Konqueror sure is a nice OS (but I hate the text editor
(emacs swipe)).

Dotan Cohen


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