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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu May 21 18:32:58 UTC 2009

>> 1. Go into a folder, click the back button (which you have to manually
>> place into a toolbar) and the position in the list you return to is lost
>> (i.e you have to re-scroll/find the place you where before).
> Right, and that's a _dolphin_ bug.

That is not a bug. It might make for a nice feature request, but it is
not a bug.

>> 2. Drag and drop to Gwenview does not work.
> I would think that's Gwenview's fault.  I don't know.

I'll file it soon.

>> 3. The file-tooltip-previews don't show image width and height anymore.
>> 4. Middle-click on a file does not open it in a new tab -- well not
>> properly.
> It may need some configuration, but my experience is that it does.

It's a known bug, it may even be fixed already.

>> 5. Middle-click on the scroll bars (in any kde app) does not
>> jump around properly -- you have to right-click and choose "scroll here".
> I'm having scrolling problems everywhere too - but this is hardly an
> indictment of konqueror, it's something to do with KDE as a whole.

It's already been fixed.

>> And so on. Little things that really hurt my brain. And I just don't know
>> if they will get better or even worse as Konqy gets less File-manager
>> love.
> Konqy hasn't had much File-manager love for a long time.  Now, Dolphin is
> getting file-manager love.  This can only be good for Konqueror.
> Now, for anybody who remembers how PO'd I was with dolphin when KDE 4.1 was
> introduced in Intrepid, this isn't an about-face.  That Dolphin couldn't do
> a lot of things we were used to.  I firmly believe the new dolphin is on the
> right track.

And when it isn't, be sure to CC me when you complain so that I can
help file issues. Thanks!

Dotan Cohen


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