Derek Broughton derek at
Thu May 21 12:48:45 UTC 2009

steven vollom wrote:

> It was my understanding that suspend to disk saved data and restored to
> the exact place you left.  

It does that _mostly_.  In fact, all network connections are torn down and 
rebuilt; and your video is reset.  You have the option to force other things 
to be reset too (since my USB mouse and keyboard stop working on hibernate, 
I force it to remove usbhid and re-modprobe it on resume, and all virtualbox 
VMs abort on hibernate for some reason, so I force them to be saved first).

> If you were watching a movie, the movie would resume in
> the middle of a sentence.  Can't say were I got that, but I made my swap
> to double my ram just to be sure.  I have 16gb of swap 8gb of ram.

It _should_ do that if the video is local.  If it's on a network share, or 
streaming off a server, there are no guarantees.  But 16GB should be plenty.

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