OT. This list has become "Neighbours, The Vollom Years".

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu May 21 08:30:52 UTC 2009

> But then I have no right to expect Steven to be other than Steven, and IMO,
> this is how he is and subsequently a large part of the list is about Steven
> and his problems, not technical issues as such, (did I mention this is my
> opinion only?).

If you are leaving any project because of one person, then you need to
learn to use your filters. I don't know what mail client you use, but
few mail clients today cannot filter on sender.

> With the functional mess that is KDE at present and the amount of noise now on
> this list, I'm departing, but decided I should let Steven know he is part of
> the reason.

I challenge you to find a list as newbie-friendly as the *buntu lists,
but without their star posters, trolls, or spam.

> This does not detract in any way from the help that I have received on this
> list, but with the current state of KDE, the loss of a great and *functional*
> file manager called konqueror, I've been pushed to try Gnome again and I'm
> swapping to it. I used to hate Nautilus, but it has actually become much more
> useful for me, despite it still not having a split view, but there are other
> Gnome file managers which can provide that when needed.

If you miss Konqueror, then try this:
$ konqueror
What do you know, it does almost everything in KDE 4 that it did in
KDE 3, and some more as well. If anything is missing, then I invite
you to either file a bug, or contact me off list and I will file the
bug. I've filed tens of bugs for other people regarding missing
features in KDE 4, and I'd like to help you as well.

> I'm saddened to leave KDE, I started to learn about Linux using KDE and its
> similarities to Windows were a blessing, but now, to release software that is
> barely functional but looks pretty, that is way too much like Windows!
> Discovering that the developers are working on a windows kde version don't
> help either!

If you are here because you love KDE, that's great. If you are here
because you hate Windows, then you have a chip on your shoulder and
this is not the place for you. You need to talk to someone.

Dotan Cohen


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