dual booting kubuntu and Opensuse

Goh Lip g.lip at gmx.com
Wed May 20 16:39:38 BST 2009

Willy K. Hamra wrote:
> anyone here has such a setup? i just would like to know how others configure 
> grub. right now i have a seperate boot partition for ubuntu, and suse has its 
> own partition. is it ok to let suse use the same boot partition as its own 
> boot partition as well? keep suse's boot directory on its root partition?
> what about grub? so far, i'm very accustomed to ubuntu's grub and like it. i 
> don't care much about suse's fancy eye-candy grub, but if i can have the eye 
> candy with ubuntu's grub i don't mind.
> i just want to see how people on this list confgured their booting with suse 
> (or another distro if it's the same)
Normally, the last distro to be installed will be the 'overriding' grub 
to be used as its grub will set itself to be 'root' (grub root, that 
is.) If you want Kubuntu grub to be used after Suse has been set up, 
when you are in Kubuntu, (by entering Kubuntu at Suse's grub menu) do 
the following.....

o at a terminal "sudo update-grub"
   check at the grub menu.list (/boot/grub/menu.lst) that it is indeed 
          updated with the Suse entry. Modify if you want, especially 
the sequence.

o then at terminal,
sudo grub
 >grub will appear. (type in after the >grub..)
 >grub find /boot/grub/stage1

you will find 2 entries, (or more if you have more distros)
something like
(hd0,4) or whatever

This will represent the partition that you have set up Suse and Kubuntu,
say sda3 (hd0,2) is Kubuntu and
     sda5 (hd0,4) is Suse

at >grub type
 >grub root (hd0,2)
 >grub setup (hd0)
 >grub quit

You're done.

Willy, since you have a dedicated partition for your Kubuntu grub, if 
you want to set this partition as a first grub, and don't worry what 
else you put into any of the partitions, let me know.
All you need to do when you install a new distro or new Kubuntu is 
remember to set up grub at that / partition itself and point to that 
same partition. Remember when installing Kubuntu? Under advanced, at 
point of naming partition for setup? It will ask you where you want to 
set up grub and if should point to (hd0), Point to (hd0,x) where it is 
the Kubuntu partition. Remember (hd0,x) is sda(x+1); ie, sda5 is (hd0,4).

Goh Lip

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