Web Development

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Fri May 15 21:52:19 BST 2009

Paul Lemmons said:

> What tools do folks use for web/php development? I have been using
> Quanta and am not unhappy with it but visible development seems to have,
> I hope temporarily,  stalled. A quick google search did not show
> anything else that was promising. Just curious, what, besides Quanta is
> out there and is anybody actively using it?


It's progressed enormously in the areas of php, javascript and html. No 
"visual editing" though, if that's your thing - although <shift-f6> will 
launch a page in your browser. But with excellent code completion and css 
management - which is visual, if you need it.

It has good integration with svn too, although lacks git, which is 
coming; it has cvs and mercurial too, but also has a wicked local history.

If you need server side debug with xdebug, then it'll do that too.

I was using Eclipse for Java, then started using Netbeans for Ruby. As 
the PHP stuff developed, I moved over completely.

The repos have v6.5, which is a good version.


"Big change requires small steps."

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