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> I have some questions, please...
> I have 2 GB RAM, had 7.5 GB swap (yes, some time ago partitioned my 
> disk, thought it safer than sorry, still no regrets, have more disk 
> space than I could use).
> Jaunty 64
> KDE 4.2.3
> Linux 2.6.28-11
> Noticed at system monitor (always running), that my swap usage is ALWAYS 
> zero, whatever I do, Gimp, Firefox,  Kaffeine all running.
> Checked /etc/fstab to make sure swap is there, enabled and on, (swapon 
> -a); even when flash 10 freezed temporarily firefox, swap is still zero.
> Is it because swap is not needed? Can my computer can handle all this 
> without swap? I also note though, that my RAM is never at 100% and my 
> processors were never at 100%. (Flash 10 freezes 1 core at 100%, the 
> other never at 100 %)
Yes you have enough RAM for the system to run with out swap. My 1G system rarely uses swap.

> Next, suspend to disk, (now I know the distinction from suspend to RAM, 
> thanks). Are they useful only for laptops, where battery conservation is 
> desired? What purpose would it serve for desktops?

> Indeed, if we have suspend to RAM in laptops, what advantage would 
> suspend to disk have? Won't battery consumption be lower if disk is 
> actually off?
I’ve never used suspend so don’t really know much about it.

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