Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Wed May 13 22:28:00 BST 2009

> I'm wondering if a simpler solution like cron + rsync would do the trick
> for Steven. The backup wouldn't be instantaneous but it could be set to
> update the backup like every couple of hours; I'm finding rsync very
> quick for updating only the changes to files, and it can be used locally
> or over the network.
> Now the problem is that I know nothing about using cron...

If I understand you correctly, the backup is only new data, not overwriting 
old to get the current information is that correct?  And it is cron in 
conjunction with rsync that does this?

That would work well for me.  What do I ask for to get the help I need.  Since 
I don't know anything about either cron or rsync, I don't know how to word the 
question.  While waiting for an answer I will google cron and rsync to see if 
I can get an answer I can understand.  Thanks!


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