Goh Lip g.lip at
Thu May 14 17:25:23 UTC 2009

Sascha G├╝thling wrote:

> You confuse Suspend to RAM with Suspend to Disk. I guess you see the
> difference already. Suspend to Ram shuts down the system but keeps the
> RAM powered so you don't loose it. Suspend to Disk saves the content
> of the RAM to the HDD (here to the swap area) and shuts the computer
> down completely. That's why you need that much swap to be able to do
> that. When waking up the content is read back into RAM and the system
> looks like when you left it.

Derek Broughton wrote:

> You _must_ have a swap partition large enough to contain all the in-use 
> memory pages.  Since it compresses and discards pages that don't need to be 
> stored in the swap space, it may not need to be _quite_ as large as main 
> memory, but the only way to guarantee that it's never too small is to have a 
> dedicated partition just for the hibernate image which is the size of total 
> virtual memory.

I have some questions, please...

I have 2 GB RAM, had 7.5 GB swap (yes, some time ago partitioned my 
disk, thought it safer than sorry, still no regrets, have more disk 
space than I could use).
Jaunty 64
KDE 4.2.3
Linux 2.6.28-11

Noticed at system monitor (always running), that my swap usage is ALWAYS 
zero, whatever I do, Gimp, Firefox,  Kaffeine all running.
Checked /etc/fstab to make sure swap is there, enabled and on, (swapon 
-a); even when flash 10 freezed temporarily firefox, swap is still zero.
Is it because swap is not needed? Can my computer can handle all this 
without swap? I also note though, that my RAM is never at 100% and my 
processors were never at 100%. (Flash 10 freezes 1 core at 100%, the 
other never at 100 %)

Next, suspend to disk, (now I know the distinction from suspend to RAM, 
thanks). Are they useful only for laptops, where battery conservation is 
desired? What purpose would it serve for desktops?

Indeed, if we have suspend to RAM in laptops, what advantage would 
suspend to disk have? Won't battery consumption be lower if disk is 
actually off?

Thanks for your feedback.

Goh Lip

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