<OT> hard drives size (was: Re: Find)

Ignazio Palmisano ignazio_io at yahoo.it
Thu May 14 07:38:09 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:

> The first computer I ever used belonged to a friend.  Windows 3.1, 8mb ram, 
> 100mb HDD.  I remember being labeled a fool by a technician when I purchased a 
> 100mb HDD.  He said I would never be able to use it all.  Now I have 1.7TB  
> with 8gb of ram.  Hah!  As the kids would say, "go figure".

eheh I heard the same for a 30 megs, 270 megs, 4 gigs and pretty much 
any new size after that... I replaced WHEN to NEVER when I got around 20 
gigs... go figure, very true.

> Steven

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