PulseAudio listing in Multimedia

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Wed May 13 22:26:41 UTC 2009

Kevin B. O'Brien wrote:
> I ma having a problem with Phonon not working since my upgrade to 
> Jaunty. Every device that "uses" Phonon, if that can accurately be said 
> under the present circumstances, is completely soundless. Miro and 
> certain movie players work just fine, so I know it is just a software 
> problem.
> When I go to System Settings --> Multimedia, I see PulseAudio listed in 
> the Device Preference list, even though I have made every attempt to 
> remove it, and apt-get says there is nothing there to remove. Since this 
> may have some bearing on my problem, is there a way to edit this list? 
> All I can do on this screen is move things up or down, but removing is 
> not an option.
> Thank you,

I installed just about everything I could find for Alsa and deleted the 
main Pulseaudio package. There are other pulseaudio packages but to 
uninstall them you would have to delete half the OS. It still shows 
pulseaudio but it now shows Alsa also. Alsa makes my audio work now. I 
set Alsa as the default. HOWEVER, Alsa settings won't "stick" over a 
reboot. I have to go into Alsamixergui and reset it if I reboot.

Broken since 8.10.


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