How to set email client for firefox?

Derek Broughton derek at
Wed May 13 13:08:57 UTC 2009

Willy Hamra wrote:

> On 13/05/2009, marc <gmane at> wrote:
>> Sascha Güthling said:
>> > On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 9:15 AM, marc <gmane at> wrote:
>> >> Sascha Güthling twice said the following, but once in HTML, which has
>> >> been deleted:
>> >>
>> >>> On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 7:21 AM, marc <gmane at> wrote:
>> >>>
>> >>>> In Jaunty, when I click a mailto url, the wrong email client is
>> >>>> used. System settings/Default applications is set to the correct
>> >>>> email preference, but clearly this is being ignored.
>> >>>>
>> >>>> It's also possible to set the email client in FF via
>> >>>> Options/Prefs/Apps/ mailto. However, the only entries on there are
>> >>>> evolution and Yahoo mail!

afaik, you _can't_ set an email application there.  At least when I tried to 
set up the wife's FF to use kmail, it never worked.  It's that simple in 
FF2, but not in 3.

>> >>>> First, I think this is a bug, so will raise it, but any idea how do
>> >>>> you change the "default" applications in FF Pref/Apps?
>> >>>
>> >>> There is no bug. At least I don't think it is. Firefox is a multi
>> >>> platform browser and if you think about the sheer amount of Linux
>> >>> distros alone, you see where the problem lays. Since every distro has
>> >>> its own preferred email client (and we don't even speak about the
>> >>> user preferences) it is almost impossible to satisfy every user.

It would be possible if FF either used your default email client, or 
provided you with an easy way to set your client (even IE 4 could do that).

>> > Evolution is afaik the standard for Ubuntu and
>> > probably set as this by Ubuntu and not by Firefox. There is a branding
>> > package called ubufox that does that I think. In my Firefox
>> > installation the standard was set to "Always ask"
>> Hmm Okay. I'll check Ubuntu tomorrow, but I suspect that Ubuntu has
>> hijacked kde again.

"hijacked"? That's not even close.  Firefox simply has no way to use kmail 
as a mail client.
> but afterall, firfox is a GTK application, and ubuntu GNOME is sort of
> the default DE for ubuntu, and there exists one package of firefox,
> there is no firefox-kde or something. so the most reasonable choice
> for a mail client would be a friendly GTK application existing in
> GNOME, and that is evolution.

Well, no, that's not true at all.  That's _a_ reasonable default, but far 
from "the most reasonable choice", since it doesn't even depend on 

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