Kubuntu Covered in Ubuntu Book

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Wed May 13 12:48:25 UTC 2009

William von Hagen said:

> The "Ubuntu 8.10 Bible" discusses Kubuntu in detail, both the KDE 3 and
> KDE 4-based versions. It also discusses KDE applications, as you might
> hope, but the discussion of these apps currently focuses on the KDE 3
> versions, because these were more stable and "standard" at the time that
> the book was written. KDE 4-specific apps are also discussed. The book
> also, of course, covers the standard Ubuntu GNOME stuff. The book is
> over 1100 pages long, and includes 14 extra chapters on one of the two
> CDs that come with it.
> Though some will view this as a shameless plug (since I am the author of
> this book), I'm posting this message because it's time that Kubuntu got
> some love, and because I wanted to make sure that Kubuntu users knew
> that such a resource for a great distribution existed. Adding this
> content was inspired by mail that I received from people on this list
> (among others), and though I realize the irony of an 8.10 book coming
> out recently, I will try to type faster in the future. Updates will
> focus on KDE 4, since we all know that it is indeed the future.
> Comments appreciated, flames to /dev/null.

Well done, Bill. I've written a few books, so I understand the pain you 
went through :-)


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