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Wed May 13 04:30:01 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
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>> Okay, Steven, good luck. But I think most of us here would not suggest it.
> I am a bit surprised, I thought mu current choices were as advised.  What 
> would you not suggest.

What do now finally decide to do can be done automatically by the Jaunty 
installer. You just need to instruct the installer to create a new home 
partition. It will automatically create a swap partition, and anything 
else, based on your computer specs.

>> But like what Nils put it so nicely, it is your decision, your computer and
>> your life. And certainly you do not hurt anybody with your decision.
> Shoot, I have always been affected by the recommendations of the experts.  
> Until now, I have not used my own ideas much at all.  I have been so 
> uninstructed.

On a lighter note, can you remember Aesop's tale about the man and his 
son going to town with the mule?  Well.. it goes something like this..
Man and son going to town. Son sits on mule.
1st passerby says man should sit on mule. So man sits on mule.
2nd passerby says son should sit on mule. So son sits on mule.
3rd passerby says both should sit on mule. So both sit on mule.
4th passerby says they are cruel to mule. Both should carry mule.
So both carry mule.

I certainly don't consider myself an expert. There are many things on 
this post that I am not a bit familiar with. But I do have some 
experience or have gone through something that other people is asking.
And if I can contribute, I will try. It is because I have also learnt a 
lot from this post myself. I only hope I don't give out advise like the 
passersby in Aesop's tale.

> I may have changed a bit since yesterday, but my new HDD comes tomorrow 
> morning. So here is what my current plan is.
> Using the new 1TB HDD, I am going to format the drive with 40 or 50gb's as the 
> boot partition.  I am going to set swap to 9gb, because of something Sascha 
> said.  Then I am going to create a partition for the balance called /home.

Swap, in not so old days, when RAM's were about 256 MB or less and hard 
disks were 20 GB or less, it was considered that Swap should be 2x RAM.
When RAM was 2 GB, it is deemed enough that 2GB plus a little should be 
enough. Now you have 8 GB RAM and tons of hard disk space. What is 
enough? Who cares, you have enough of both. Anyway, Jaunty will figure 
that out for us.

> I am going to set the configuration so that the OS and applications save all 
> data to the /home partition, including email and bookmarks, and anything 
> relating to art programs--all applications that required saved data.
> Next, I am going to move all important data from my current HDD to the new 
> drive.  Then I am going to look for some missing folders that I think may 
> still be on the drive, but that I have lost somehow.  Once I am convinced 
> there is nothing worth saving from my current drive, I will format it and name 
> it /backup.  That is all it will be used for.
> As far as the 200gb IDE drive is concerned, I plan to pause until I get more 
> advice on virtual machines.  Is there anything wrong with this plan?  TIA
> Steven
> (Trim)

Once again good luck, all the best.

Goh Lip

ps: don't drop the mule.

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