Lockup after upgrade

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Tue May 5 23:51:00 UTC 2009


I updated to the latest release of Kubuntu and have installed all the
updates the update manager calls for.  My problem appears to be with firefox
 which has been updated to the latest releases.  It loads fine and appears
to work fine until I click on links and more times than not the whole system
will totally lock up and require a reboot.  I did not have this problem
before I upgraded from the previous most current kubuntu release.

Could firefox was installed prior to the latest upgrade.  Should I uninstall
it and reinstall it on the new kubuntu upgrade.  I think it might be related
to firefox needing to access the Internet when I click on a link.  It doesn
t happen all the time but when it does it completely locks everything up. 
At least it appears that way.

My mail works fine all the time.  Another thing I was thinking is that it
might be the mouse driver and the new upgrade?  I know the mouse works good
on my other drive with windows xp installed, so if it is anything it could
be a compatibility issue with the new upgrade.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and you do a great job on this forum.

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