Difficulties to fill in forms with Okular in the framework of Kubuntu 9.04 and KDE 4.2.2.

Bas Roufs basroufs at gmail.com
Tue May 5 15:02:07 UTC 2009

Hello everybody

Additional information with respect to Bug 161327 – Filing out forms
does not work:

If you want to check the bug report and add your comment to it, you
could download one of the attachments I have submitted there:


The Dutch chamber of commerce uses PDF forms for all kinds of
purposes: registration of
legal entities, companies, etc. Via Okular, I do not manage to fill in
all of these forms.
Additionally, I experience difficulties to correctly save and reopen
data filled in in forms
which can be filled in by means of Okular. The only way I have found
so far to correctly do all
this, is using 'Adobe Reader 9'. However, I would prefer to use Okular
(the former 'KPDF')
for such purposes as soon as the bug(s) with respect to them have been resolved.
I submit 3  attachments to the bug report:
* the PDF file 'Okular screenshots'
* 2 examples of the forms of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, one of
them in English.

Here below at this page, I share with you my vision on a certain
priority rating: which
problems need to be solved first, which ones can be dealt with later?

Priority 1: impossibility to fill in a certain type of forms.
So far, I do not manage at all to fill in a certain type of forms. See
examples below, pp. 6-7.
In Adobe, it is possible to fill them in.

Priority 2: impossibility to correctly save, close and reopen data of
forms filled in
Difficulties to correctly save, close and reopen a PDF document with
forms already filled in. In
Adobe in combination with these specific chamber of commerce forms, it
is possible to save data
filled in there.

Priority 3: grey field surrounding the forms while filling them in
Grey fields surround the forms, when Okular is in the 'show forms'
mode, needed to fill in the
forms. As a matter of consequence, you cannot see exactly which field
you are filling in, WHILE
you are filling in. The thumbnails on the left hand side are visible,
though not big enough to check
such details. On the other hand, it is possible to easily and quickly
change between the 'show forms'
and 'hide forms' modes via a specific button right above. That's why,
this problem is only nr. 3 in
my priority rating - I attach more importance to the problems
mentioned under 1 and 2.
In Adobe, it is possible to fill in the forms, while seeing their
surroundings at the same moment.
Screenshot examples: see attachment "Okular screenshots'  Look there
at pp. 2 and 3.

Respectfully yours,

Bas Roufs.

Bas G. Roufs M.A.
Van 't Hoffstraat 1
NL-3514 VT  Utrecht
M. +31.6.446.835.10
T. +31.30.785.20.40
BasRoufs at gmail.com

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