monitor backlight won't turn off, wrote a daemon to force it on / off

dave selby dave6502 at
Mon May 4 16:55:15 UTC 2009

2009/5/4 Bruce Marshall <bmarsh at>:
> On Monday 04 May 2009, dave selby wrote:
>> It needs to be run as root, I start it by adding
>> @reboot /usr/local/bin/
>> to my roots crontab. Its easier than setting up a /etc/init.d/...
>> Anyhow it solved my problem and I wanted to share it with you guys,
> I just use this in my crontab:
> 3 * * * * /usr/bin/xset -display :0 dpms 1200,0,0

Cool, looks like I used a sledgehammer to crack a nut - which for me
is just about right !
I will make a note of the above but the daemon is working AOK for now
so will leave well alone.

Meantime I have an ATI driver issue I have to post,



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