Acer aspire one & Kubuntu

Goh Lip gohlip at
Sun May 3 19:48:14 BST 2009

Ah, You have the Ubuntu Netbook Remix; not the Kubuntu Remix with the 
KDE3.5. Your version runs off the flash drive.

Nope, if you want the Kubuntu, best to install to your hard drive 
from a freshly downloaded Kubuntu Jaunty Kde4.2.

Note : I have downloaded before, a Kubuntu version, some years back 
to a 8GB thumb drive and run it off several machines from that thumb. 
But I won't recommend it at this stage.

However you would need to check if you have enough disk space for your Acer; I think it comes with 8 GB, RAM 2GB? Atom processor? A bit dicey to install together with your original OS.

If you still want to try out Kubuntu, try to download the Kubuntu and see if it runs off the live CD, 32 bit version. If it doesn't work, don't install it. If it works, please come back to us and we'll take it from there and install to an external hard drive. (If it doesn't work, we'll still appreciate the feedback.)

Anyway if it doesn't work, you still have the Ubuntu Netbook Remix running off the flash.

Good Luck.

Goh Lip

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