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Derek Broughton derek at
Fri May 1 14:03:26 BST 2009

marc wrote:

> John L Fjellstad said:
>> Derek Broughton <derek at> writes:
>>> otoh, I do still have the same old problem I've had for 4 years - you
>>> can not hibernate the computer with kmail open and be able to access
>>> the IMAP folders when you resume.  You have to exit, restart
>>> kmail/kontact first. otth, I suspect this is actually a dovecot problem
>>> not a kmail one.  I wonder why I haven't configured dovecot to
>>> shutdown/resume on hibernate :-)
>> Must be a dovecot problem because I don't see that problem with kmail
>> against courierimap.
> As I mentioned, I don't have dovecot installed, so it can't be that.

That doesn't necessarily follow.  What IMAP server _do_ you have?  If you 
say "none", then it isn't the same problem.  This problem is very specific 
to having an IMAP folder open in KMail, and has to do with KMail and/or the 
IMAP server believing the user is still logged in after resume, but the 
session being unusable.   The original KDE bug was claimed fixed, but it was 
never resolved for me.  If _either_ KMail or the IMAP server would force 
logout a session inactive for "N" minutes, and the other end would recognize 
that, it probably wouldn't be a problem.

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