No sound

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sun Mar 29 14:58:18 BST 2009

George R. Hozendorf wrote:
> What's the trick to getting sound out of Ubuntu on my Gateway M6867?
I am not the most qualified to help you, but what I suggest can't hurt, 
and it is a Sunday morning and help might be sparse.  Well,here are my 
suggestions, and don't feel bad if one works; they are all simple and 
reasonably easy, and all of us have had this problem. 

Anyway, first check the mute button on your volume control.  Then I use 
KDE, and  am not familiar with Ubuntu, but if you can find the sound 
mixer, and it is probably part of your volume control, check to see if 
any of the mute settings are checked and un-check them.  Then if you 
have a system settings area where you can find the different component 
from your system.  It may include desktop settings and networks and 
monitors and the like.  Check and see if there are choices for sound 
card and make sure the card that is in your computer is the one that is 
selected.  If you don't recognize the selection, and there are more than 
one, try each, if there is a test button,test from there.  Whichever one 
works is the one for your computer.  That is all I know; I am a newbie 
and don't know much, but among those are probably the most causes for no 
sound.  If that isn't it, wait for an expert.  There are a lot of them 
on the List and all will be willing to help.

Good luck, I hope one of the suggestions works for you.


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