Crossover cable connection between 2 computers.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sun Mar 15 13:07:10 UTC 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> $ sudo aptitude install openssh-server.
>> One server. One protocol. Secure.
I installed exactly as you said.  Now what?  The application is in my 
computer, but what do I do to make it work.  I must have to type 
something in somewhere to make the connection, but I have the same 
problem with samba and fish.  With fish, I type what I am told to type 
and it doesn't work.  With Samba I don't know what to do after it is 
installed to get it to work.  With openssh-server, I type it in the 
terminal and a page full of stuff I don't understand comes on the screen.

Using Konqueror, here is what I type in the address bar for fish:

fish://  That is the address of my old computer.  This is 
what comes on the screen:

The requested operation could not be completed
Unknown Host

Details of the Request:

URL: fish:/
Protocol:  fish
DAte and time:  Sunday 15 March 2009 8:53 am
Additional Information:


An unknown host error indicates that the server with the requested 
name,, could not be located on the Internet (the 2 commas are on the page)

Possible Causes:

The name that you typed, , may not exist: it may be incorrectly typed.
There may have been a problem with your network connection.
There may have been a problem with your network configuration  if you 
have been accessing the Internet with no problems recently, this is 

Possible Solutions:

Check your network connection status.
Contact your appropriate computer support system, whether the system 
adminsistrator, or technical support group for further assistance.

And since I finally got a ping this morning from one to the other and 
back again, I know that I am connected.  Both computers connect with the 
Internet using a browser and email.  I can search the web without problem.

I am not challenging anyone's intelligence or technical ability, I only 
suggest that the actual problem has not been identified, and I am the 
least able to find it.  You may be tired reading the posts, but I am 
more tired of posting.  Each of you is only burdened by the posts I 
reply to you.  I have to write each of you over and over and over, 
because the things you have suggested have not worked.

It has been the same for every different application I have installed.

Please.  Tell me what I can do to get a successful result.


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