Crossover cable connection between 2 computers.

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sun Mar 15 17:21:08 UTC 2009

>>> $ sudo aptitude install openssh-server.
>>> One server. One protocol. Secure.
> I installed exactly as you said.  Now what?  The application is in my
> computer, but what do I do to make it work.  I must have to type
> something in somewhere to make the connection, but I have the same
> problem with samba and fish.  With fish, I type what I am told to type
> and it doesn't work.  With Samba I don't know what to do after it is
> installed to get it to work.  With openssh-server, I type it in the
> terminal and a page full of stuff I don't understand comes on the screen.

Don't worry, Stephen. That stuff is easy to understand once you
understand 500 other Linux-specific things. But the Ubuntu target user
(according to Mark Shuttleworth, the Ubuntu founder) is the naive
Windows convert who does not want nor need to learn arcane commands.
The goal of Ubuntu is to bring these difficult-for-some things into
the realm of the naive home user. That would be you! And that is quite
the reason that I believe Ubuntu needs a tool to automate this.

I will be honest, sometimes I wonder if your issues are just looking
for attention, but the truth is that it does not bother me. I know
that you are a _very_ interesting person from private mail between us
on subjects other than Linux, and that I have just as much to learn
from you on that subject as you have from me on Linux. I am only
making this message public because I have concern that others may feel
the same.

And in any case, the issues that you bring up identify deficiencies in
Ubuntu's goal of being simple for the naive home user. That type of
user feedback is invaluable in my opinion. So troll on!

Dotan Cohen


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