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Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Mon Jun 15 04:30:46 BST 2009

On Saturday 13 June 2009 05:30:58 pm Willy K. Hamra wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
> > A virus has blocked me from sending emails, from communicating with my
> > ISP, and now from downloading an application that may fix the problem. 
> > How can I download Klamov to a file, so I can copy it on a thumb drive
> > and install it on my infected computer?  Thanks!
> >
> > Steven
> a virus? on kubuntu? how can you be sure to make such a very serious claim?
How can you  be so sure it isn't Willie?  You just don't want to believe it.  
I wish I knew what would happen.  I would have saved his email to me.

His post seemed reasonable to me, but after I got his reply to my offer to help 
him, I was convinced at the least that he was trouble.  I sent him an email off 
line because of what Myriam said.  I needed to make sure I could help him 
before I answered his need on the post.  His reply was such a startling 
implied threat that I didn't help further.  My email to him was to find if he 
had installed Jaunty and kde which I have considerable experience due to all 
the help the list has provided me.

Why did the administrators and others imply  concern for his post being 
potential spam if everything was so in order about him.  And what should I do 
if he could potentially hurt you and others too.  I realize now that you would 
not open an attachment from a stranger, and I don't even know if I did, 
however if that is the only way to get a virus from someone, It is very 
possible that happened.  What is most curious to me is that you seem to be 
concerned for a potential hurt feeling more than a genuine concern for the 
safety of the List.  I have written enough about how and why I posted as I 
did, I wish I kept a copy of my post, because my poor memory says I made my 
post to the administrator ie. Myriam, and not to the List.  Maybe that isn't 
the way it was, but I am still sure I have a very crippling virus.  It was put 
in my computer withing a an hour or two of a fresh install and right after an 
implied threat from the person you want to protect the feelings of.

I also believe that my comment was alleged, like is require by a newspaper to 
keep from liability.  It would be nice if someone would send my a copy of an 
unconditional accusation by me that was written to the Kubuntu Users List and 
not to an administration address.  If there, as I seem to remember, then it 
was not an open post.  In any event, I will probably be exhonerated anyway if 
I can manage to get software installed on the infected box, the virus 
identified and the date of the fresh install of my Jaunty OS with relation to 
the time my email was received from the party in question.  Perhaps then you 
will believe me.

The only part of my computer that was affected was every opening required to 
send an email.  The computer is currently running and playing a copy of 
Quigley Down Under while I am writing this.  Everything but email and internet 
work on the computer and work well.  Sound Quality is excellent, video is 
impressive. and Dolphin works fine. However kpackagekit doesn't work, Synaptic 
package manager doesn't work, No Konsole works.  Nothing that requires 
Internet access works.

Right after deleting the subject person's email, and act of self defense I 
might add, I wrote my daughter an email.  Her email address is 
dawn at; I clicked on send and got an error message that said 
unable to send the email.  I brought up the email to see if I made an address 
error.  I was looking for something like danw instead of dawn, something like 
that.  What showed was this dawn@ Yeshua at  At first I 
didn't understand because Yeshua is the name of my computer, so I deleted the 
@Yeshua and clicked on send again.  I got the same warning could not send.  I 
looked at the address again.  This time it was addressed like this:  
dawn at emiaphotography--dot--com.  Now I am getting concerned, because this is 
about as likely caused by non-human intervention as having snow on the beaches 
of the equator.

Nonetheless, I still tried to send the email and I removed the '--dot--' and 
put in the '.' as is required and clicked send again.  This time the server 
responded that the sender was incorrect and it would continue trying to send 
or place the email in drafts or something like that.  I don't really remember 
that accurately, however, I was given the opportunity to correct the problem 
and try again.

This time I could find nothing to correct in configuration, and was stumped.  I 
tried to change the configuration in various ways, like removing ssl in the 
sending option and putting port 10 in place of 465, and that also did not 
work, but this time I got a message that there was a problem with the router.  
The router has been working perfect for quite some time, however, I removed 
the incoming cable from the router to DSL modem and made a direct connection 
with the Internet via the DSL modem.  I tried to send again hoping this would 
resolve the problem at least temporarly.  The response to the send came from 
either kde or Jaunty, I know not, but it said to check the modem.  I unplugged 
the modem to try to reset it without success and contacted the ISP for help.  
They finally gave up and suggested I use their Linux support service.  The fee 
for that was $100, which I could not afford, so I was stopped for a while.

I found my broken laptop and started to see if I could fix it so that I could 
get on the Internet and use kmail.  After trying to switch it on over and over 
and over, it finally came on.   I have not shut it off since, for fear of it not 
starting again.  Well, I immediately tried to connect to the Internet.  It 
connected suggesting nothing was wrong with the DSL modem.  Then I connected 
the router, and it worked perfectly.  then I sent an email to my daughter and 
it worked fine.  Then I contacted the List for help.

Since I got connected I have received a dozen emails telling me I don't have a 
virus and criticizing my handling of the problem.  The only serious attempt at 
help came from a friend on the net who at first chose to believe that I could 
not possibly have a virus.  Even now, those of you who may be able to advise 
how I might download virus removal software so that I can make a copy of it 
and install it on the infected computer have not made an offer of the 
information.  Since Internet connection is and has been required to install 
any applications, and since I do not have that feature on my infected box, I 
have to have an executable virus application on CD to fix the problem.

The last thing I did to try to correct my problem was to format the root drive 
and re-install Jaunty again.  I did that, but the virus prevailed again.

I understand how this was possible. It had to do with my recent moint point 
choices.  I mounted my partitions like this:
1st HDD 80gb

20gb                                   /
2gb                                     swap partition
58gb                                   /home/steven/svpersonal

2nd HDD 200gb

100gb				  /home
99gb                                   /home/steven/backup

This way if any application or the OS crashed so severly as to require re-
installation, I would not lose any data at all, excepting perhaps 3rd party 
installations.  (like wine and e-sword)

When I reinstall, I do not have to configure anything from kde because of this 
setup.  I never gave a virus a second thought, because like all of you, I see 
it as an almost impossibility using the Linux syste.  So that is how the virus 
remained after reinstall.  It is probably in the .kde folder somewhere.

This time to solve the problem without any help from the List, I have to lose 
my data, because the virus has had the ability to invade all of my partitions 
and I don't have virus protection to go find it and remove it.

The lack of help this time has extended to a point of rudeness and unqualified 
criticism.  No one has considered the possibility that I am telling the truth, 
and that my actions were a kindness to the list by trying to prevent the 
reocurrence in a fellow list member's computer.  My sense of humor is all but 
gone.  I am a bit disappointed in myself because rather than fiinding an 
alternate cure, I almost want the virus to be there so that you all can 
consider the time I have lost due to no help.  I am old.  Right now, I have an 
uncle and aunt that were operated on for different serious reasons when the 
problem occurred, and although my prayers were often, I was unable to show my 
support until I got this laptop working.  Bad timing for two of the sweetest 
people who ever lived.

I don't know how to deal with the priorities and concerns of the membership.  
I can assure you if you got an email from the person in question with the 
threatening implications you too would at least give a virus consideration.  
And if you care for the other member of the list, you would try to help them 
too. On this list there is no easy way to do this.

I understand the principal, it is kind of like supporting a mother who is 
willing to kill her unborn rather than face the responsibility of raising the 
child.  It is the way of this world.  But I will never support that kind of 
thinking.  I will never put the feelings of an individual above my desire to 
protect the innocent people who are the beneficiaries of malicious virus', any 
more than I will follow the majority on the issue of abortion.  If you read 
this email, I can not believe you don't see the probable sign of virus 
infection.  And if you have a suggestion that could help prove it something 
else, why have you not contributed.  Clay of the administration has threatened 
to filter my posts.  Maybe how you guys thing is right, but I will never change 
when it comes for my freedoms, like freedom of speech, or any of the moral 
issues that we fact.

You all have a pretty good idea of my character; you may not approve of my 
decisions, but I don't believe even those of you who don't particularly like 
me think I am carelessly making accusations.  It is just an opportunity to 
take a shot at me.  I really don't care, but the police-like behavior of the 
moderators is the reason for the declining  readership, not me.

Without a helpful solution to my problem it has generated a dozen responses.  
That at least keeps the list active.

When I tried to help this guy, He and I were the only ones on the list, I 
believe.  And for about 10 or 12 hours I didn't see any activity.  How do I 
know, I needed help and was patiently waiting for it.  I had to have help 
before I could continue my other work.  When I am getting help, there seems to 
be a lot of activity, when the police are criticizing the faithful, readership 
diminishes.  Look at the size of this email.  It has to be, because you can't 
give me the benefit of the doubt.

If you saved the post where I accused this guy, I would appreciate a copy, I 
deleted everything that related to him before I started the burhaha.  I 
believe I put him in the alleged category.  I also think the email that 
eventually surface with my name on the post was posted not from me but from 
Clay on the Administrative side.  I could be wrong, but I thought the email 
where I used the guy's name was directed not the kubuntu-users at but 
to an address that had another descriptor relating to administration between 
users and the @ sign.  If that is true, I did nothing wrong by anyone;s 
standard,  I just don't remember.  But the email I got from him made my 
concern very real.  I love you guys, I really do.  When a kid, there was a 
phrase, "sticks and stone can break my bones, but words can never harm me."

That is no longer the norm.  As a result we have given up our freedom of 
speech.  In truth I know that I never said anything about the guy even 
privately that concerns me about his feelings. I am a little disappointed in 
some of my friends though.  We concern ourselves about irrelevant stuff and 
ignore our loss of freedoms.  I am confident that among you who have been my 
friend on the list many are in agreement.  If not, I don't want to be any part 
of the List.

I still love and respect you Willy.  If you know what is wrong and it 
definitely is not a virus, please point me in the right direction.  If you 
don't have any ideas, but know how to download an application without 
installing it at the same time, so I can make a CD of it, please provide.  If 
I have blown it with you guys again I am sorry, but I really can't become 
something I am not.  If that isn't good enough, ok.

And that my friend is why I am confident that he put a virus in my computer.  
It couldn't have been anyone else, because of the reinstall, and it happened 
precisely after his email to me.

I would just love for anyone to prove me wrong.

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