<OT> 20 years a long time, unless you have the source... (was: Re: upgrade 8.04 -> 9.04+kde3: how?)

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 20:16:53 UTC 2009

> Because we don't have the source code :P otherwise we *could* recompile,
> change, fix, hammer in place or swear at it until we had a shiny
> 3.11/6.22 working on the newest machine. WHY anyone would want that, for
> the same reason people have AMIGA, ATARI & others simulators nowadays, I
> guess...


> For KDE, the source is available, so unless it gets wiped out from all
> the servers it will be available in 20 years from now. I'd bet a fiver
> that someone will want to compile and run it, just so they can show it
> to their grandchildren and make a new oldtimer joke like: back in my
> time we had to type the code in one letter at a time! and the Macs
> didn't even have a DEL button!

Good luck finding a compiler

Dotan Cohen


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