Is there virus removal software for Jaunty KDE

Lisi Reisz lisi.reisz at
Sun Jun 14 19:26:20 UTC 2009

On Sunday 14 June 2009 18:25:59 Steven Vollom wrote:
> On Saturday 13 June 2009 06:41:53 pm Billie Erin Walsh wrote:
> > Steven Vollom wrote:
> > > I need the name of software that I can install on a terminal to remove
> > > a virus.  Google search was ineffective at least for me.  Every word I
> > > searched came up with everything but what I am looking for, and
> > > Kpackagekit requires the exact name of an application to locate it.  I
> > > remember with adpept, if I typed in the word virus, it was alreading
> > > searching for anything with the word virus in it and several options
> > > would usually appear; but KpackageKit requires an exact name.  TIA
> > >
> > > Steven
> >
> > Steven. Synaptic still works that way. It may not be KDE but it works
> > _MUCH_ better than anything in KDE.
> >
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> I tried synaptic days ago.  I will do it now to send you exactly what I get
> in response to an attempt to install virus software.  That is foolish. 
> Sure, I can get synaptic, but I am on my laptop.  Unless I can get synaptic
> and put it on the other computer so that I can install it, I   h a v e   n
> o   connection on the offended computer.  Both GUI and command line require
> a connection to the Internet to install a package.
> Do you remember that when installing a program on windows, you used a CD
> and installed it that way.  That is what I need this time.  I need a CD
> that has an unexecuted virus application in it, so I can first get the data
> into the other computer, then execute the installation.  I do not seem to
> be able to get anyone to understand this need.  We are all so used to
> applying applications by  clicking kdesudo apt-get install ......... or
> entering the name of the application into a package manager and clicking
> apply, that we don't apparently realize that that is all taking place over
> the Internet.  I no longer have that connection in the affected computer; I
> can't move the application into my computer to install it.

Stephen, we are not all as dim as you seem to think us.  We understand you, we 
just don't agree with you. You just may be harbouring a virus, you will not 
be suffering from it.

But if nothing but running a a virus checker will satisfy you, download and 
burn the F_Secure rescue CD.  It is intended for Windows  but itself runs on 
Linux.  It is a live CD so can scan your whole computer, and you do not need 
to install it.  You will find it easily with the help of Google.  It will 
find any Windows viruses, if you are harbouring any and passing them on.

But I agree with everyone else.  Your problem is one of configuration.  
Probably you have several different things misconfigured, including, by the 
sound of it, your router.

HTH - but I sadly doubt it,

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