Is there virus removal software for Jaunty KDE

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sun Jun 14 17:25:59 UTC 2009

On Saturday 13 June 2009 06:41:53 pm Billie Erin Walsh wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
> > I need the name of software that I can install on a terminal to remove a
> > virus.  Google search was ineffective at least for me.  Every word I
> > searched came up with everything but what I am looking for, and
> > Kpackagekit requires the exact name of an application to locate it.  I
> > remember with adpept, if I typed in the word virus, it was alreading
> > searching for anything with the word virus in it and several options
> > would usually appear; but KpackageKit requires an exact name.  TIA
> >
> > Steven
> Steven. Synaptic still works that way. It may not be KDE but it works
> _MUCH_ better than anything in KDE.
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I tried synaptic days ago.  I will do it now to send you exactly what I get in 
response to an attempt to install virus software.  That is foolish.  Sure, I 
can get synaptic, but I am on my laptop.  Unless I can get synaptic and put it 
on the other computer so that I can install it, I   h a v e   n o   connection  
on the offended computer.  Both GUI and command line require a connection to 
the Internet to install a package.

Do you remember that when installing a program on windows, you used a CD and 
installed it that way.  That is what I need this time.  I need a CD that has 
an unexecuted virus application in it, so I can first get the data into the 
other computer, then execute the installation.  I do not seem to be able to 
get anyone to understand this need.  We are all so used to applying 
applications by  clicking kdesudo apt-get install ......... or entering the 
name of the application into a package manager and clicking apply, that we 
don't apparently realize that that is all taking place over the Internet.  I 
no longer have that connection in the affected computer; I can't move the 
application into my computer to install it.

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