virtualizing a Windoze install

David McGlone david at
Sun Jun 14 02:34:06 UTC 2009

On Saturday 13 June 2009 10:27:55 pm Howard Coles Jr. wrote:
> Ladies and Gents, I have Windoze Vista installed, on one laptop, and
> Windoze XP, on another.  I vaguely remember reading something about running
> that physical install as a virtualized guest in Linux (eliminating the need
> to dual boot).  I remember reading an article about the license key
> activation and how to avoid having to activate it each time you switched
> from running in a virtual session and a physical session.
> The question is, how?

If I understand you correctly, your probably looking for VMware Free or 
VirtualBox. Both work the same, but VMware Free is not open source I believe.

David M.

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