strange behaviour on Hardy upgrade - SOLVED - sort of

Lisi Reisz lisi.reisz at
Mon Jun 8 07:57:16 UTC 2009

On Saturday 06 June 2009 09:39:40 Lisi Reisz wrote:
> Someone whose computer I administer has the following problem (I have not
> yet seen the computer):
> This chap runs Kubuntu 8.04.  He uses Adept to do a weekly update to keep
> his computer secure.  On Thursday he went to do his usual update.  Adept
> reported that there were no more security updates and offered a full
> upgrade to Jaunty, but no other options.  He accepted.  Now the system will
> not allow him to use it.  It is asking for the password, but when he gives
> it nothing happens.  The wrong password results in an error message.  The 
> correct password has no effect at all.  When he enters it, the system just
> goes back to asking for the password.
> 1) There are still updates available for Kubuntu, so what might have caused
> Adept to report that there are none?
> 2) Why does the password not work?
> 3) What can be done about it?  Preferably other than reinstall.  He has no
> backup. :-(

Thanks for the help.  

I now have access to the computer.  / is fine: (23% full - or 77% empty).  
Password is in fact fine - I can log-on at the console.

The problem is with KDE, and I shall start a new thread on that.


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