superuser privelege problems.

Derek Broughton derek at
Sun Jun 7 23:32:06 UTC 2009

steven vollom wrote:

> There are two strange things on the apt page.  The folder 'sources.list.d'
> and the 'apt.conf.d' looked strange, however are probably correct.

What, precisely, looks strange about them?  There certainly isn't anything 
strange about any app having directories with names similar to their config 
files, suffixed with ".d" - this is standard practice as we move from 
monolithic config files to putting related-but-distinct configs into 
separate files in a single directory.  In any case, apt.conf.d has no effect 

> This is
> line 55:
>  .debs for Ubuntu Hardy (8.04), Intrepid (8.10), and Jaunty (9.04) .debs
>  for

Yep, looks pretty well foobared.

> I am sure it should probably start at the very beginning of the line, not
> one character in, and I suppose the repeating of it, over and over, is the
> problem.

No, that should not exist at all.  It doesn't matter if any data starts at 
the _beginning_ of the line - all leading white space (in most config files) 
is ignored.  But apart from whitespace, lines in sources.list (or 
sources.list.d/*.list) can only begin with '#' (a comment), 'deb' (a binary 
package source) or 'deb-src' (a source-package source) .

> do I have to use a sudo command with kate to edit it?

<sigh>  "kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list" (or do it through your favorite 
package manager).


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