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Myriam Schweingruber myriam at
Thu Jun 4 11:57:53 UTC 2009

Hi Martin,

On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 05:40, Martin Laberge <mlsoftlaberge at> wrote:
> It seems strange to me that the moderation thread of last week
> did stop so abrubptly.
> Maybe someone did not like the thruth discussed in that thread
> and just "moderated it totally" so that no-one could discuss this
> sensible content.

Well, I can assure you we didn't moderate or ban that particular
thread at all :)

Might well be that people got tired discussing the subject?
> Hitler or Bush would'nt have done better.

Thanks a lot for the comparison :-(, don't you think you exaggerate a
bit? *sigh* I take this remark for what it is, namely just a
confirmation of Goodwins Law [1] and very much hope that my three
co-moderators do not take offense neither.

For your information: moderating is only done when someone repeatedly
does not respect the list rules. So far it seems the sole announcement
of an eventual moderation has been efficient enough to remind people
the purpose of this list.There are for now two moderation flags, and
both are here only to make sure the list doesn't get flooded by spam
or by definitely OT remarks in a technical thread.

Not a single post has been rejected so far since the activation of
these two flag, BTW...

Regards, Myriam.


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