New Moderation

clay weber claydoh at
Thu Jun 4 13:55:05 UTC 2009

Myriam Schweingruber wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 05:40, Martin Laberge <mlsoftlaberge at> wrote:
>> It seems strange to me that the moderation thread of last week
>> did stop so abrubptly.
>> Maybe someone did not like the thruth discussed in that thread
>> and just "moderated it totally" so that no-one could discuss this
>> sensible content.
> Well, I can assure you we didn't moderate or ban that particular
> thread at all :)
> Might well be that people got tired discussing the subject?
>> Hitler or Bush would'nt have done better.
> Thanks a lot for the comparison :-(, don't you think you exaggerate a
> bit? *sigh* I take this remark for what it is, namely just a
> confirmation of Goodwins Law [1] and very much hope that my three
> co-moderators do not take offense neither.
> For your information: moderating is only done when someone repeatedly
> does not respect the list rules. So far it seems the sole announcement
> of an eventual moderation has been efficient enough to remind people
> the purpose of this list.There are for now two moderation flags, and
> both are here only to make sure the list doesn't get flooded by spam
> or by definitely OT remarks in a technical thread.
> Not a single post has been rejected so far since the activation of
> these two flag, BTW...
> Regards, Myriam.
> [1]

I am not offended, but am happy the Nazi reference did take longer than 
expected to appear.


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