kwallet and wireless internet access

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at
Mon Jun 1 20:10:44 UTC 2009

On Monday 01 Jun 2009 20:58:10 Mario Andes wrote:
> Hi,
> after upgrading to 9.04 everytime I start the system and the 
> networkmanager always I am asked for a password by kwallet!
> That's annoying. For what does it serve???
> Starting Kubuntu I give a password, afterwords I give apassword 
> for the access point and if I want to do anything on a web site
> I have to give another password!
> Why does kwallet asks for a password? How can I stop it?
> It's ridiculous because using an ethernet connection kwallet is 
> calm and doesn't appear.
> Unfortunately the network manager is dependent of kwallet.
> I tried to uninstall kwallet but then I will not be connected to 
> the access point.
> There is no reason why the connection to my access point needs two 
> passwords.
> Does anybody know how I can get rid of kwallet?
> I don't need it for anything!

Kwallet is annoying isn't it? The purpose of it is to provide a central and secure storage place for your passwords. All KDE apps use it for password storage.

It was always this way in KDE 3.5 as well from what I remember. Network Manager uses KWallet to store the WPA key for your wireless, you don't need this for ethernet which is why you never get asked.

I get around it by using a blank password on my default wallet. This means things can still use KWallet but you are never asked for a password. From there after, every time I am asked if an application can access KWallet, I select 'Allow Always'. You should never be asked again for that application. It's not secure but at least it works.

If you want to switch KWallet off you can use the 'KDE Wallet' app under 'Advanced' in System Settings, but I'm not sure how applications will remember passwords if you do that.


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