Can't get wireless to work with kubuntu 9.04

Nils Kassube kassube at
Fri Jul 31 04:44:08 UTC 2009

Bruce Bales wrote:
> Wireless on my laptop with kubuntu 8.04 was not easy.  I had to
> sudo iwconfig ath0 essid bbs key (the wep code)  and then
> sudo dhclient each time I booted up.
> Then I upgraded to kubuntu 9.04 and the iwconfig line no longer
> works.  The iwconfig line gives me "ath0 no such device."
> I tried wlan0, wlan, eth0, ath1 and wlan1 -- same result.

What wireless device do you have? I think "ath0" would be some Atheros 
chipset but which one? 8.04 had the madwifi driver but now the driver is 
in the kernel, maybe your chipset is not yet supported correctly? To 
find out what chipset you have, use the commands

sudo lshw -C network

in a terminal and post the relevant part of the output. And if you want 
to find out the wireless interface name you can try the command

ifconfig -a

in a terminal. It will show you the configuration of all interfaces 
known to your system.

> The main page has an icon which says "network management"  Clicking
> on that then  "network connection" then "enable wireless"  then
> "manage connection" gets me nowhere.

If you have problems getting the network manager working it may be 
useful to replace it with wicd. You can install the wicd package from 
the 9.04 repository.


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