no sound after? [SOLVED]

Perry pwhite at
Wed Jul 29 09:18:51 UTC 2009

Le Monday 27 July 2009 20:49:28 Perry, vous avez écrit :
> Le Monday 27 July 2009 18:33:34 Goh Lip, vous avez écrit :
> > Perry wrote:
> > >> I take it you have video in youtube at firefox but no sound;
> *And guess what*  my sound *also stopped in jaunty*, with a message on
> bottom of the screen like: Nvidia does not work, revert to pulseauto?
> *I solved that* by going in the system parameters, on the loudspeaker icon,
> and it showed the options of HDA Nvidia and pulseauto...I checked Nvidia
> and it worked again.
> I went to the other side (Hardy) to see if my new experience could be
> transposed, but the interface is totally different and does not have any of
> those options.

The sound is working again, hope it lasts.
I suspected something was buggy with KMix because it crashed a couple of times 
when I tried to change configurations in it. (Btw I'm still unsure what 
exactly the volume values [none|absolute|relative] do)
I reinstalled KMix, but no change, so...

*I installed kmix-kde4*, I think it's what did it, right away.

I rebboted (a couple of times) and the old kmix was launched but sound still 
I'm somewhat frustrated not to know what caused the sound to wanish (it's not 
the volume settings I can swear) and I'm waiting to see if the problem comes 
again. If that happens I'll 
try :~$ /usr/lib/kde4/bin/kmix	and see what happens.

Ciao		Perry

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