1. streaming radio in 9.04 (Stan Hughes)

Alvin info at alvin.be
Sat Jul 25 16:29:03 UTC 2009

On Saturday 25 July 2009 16:20:14 Myriam Schweingruber wrote:
> Then, make sure you use the phonon-xine-backend (don't use gstreamer,
> the current version in Kubuntu 9.04 is far too buggy) and avoid
> pulseaudio. A bug seems to drag in pulseaudio, which is not needed on
> KDE and should not be installed at all. Removing pulseaudio, removing
> the ~/.kde/share/config/phonondevicesrc and restarting KDE should be
> enough to make Amarok work.

Is that really a bug? Installing openoffice-base drags in pulseaudio (which does 
seem a bit far fetched), because of the default-jre dependency.
Java that wants pulseaudio. 

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