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Jonas Pedersen jonas at
Sat Jul 25 11:11:44 UTC 2009

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Steven Vollom wrote:
> So much time separates having to do this, I always seem to need help.  I don't 
> understand all the instructions.
> Here is what I have in KpackageKit under 3rd Party Software Sources:
> Third-Party software
> Cdrom:[Kubuntu 9.04_Jaunty Jackalope_ - Release amd64 (20090420.1)]
> jaunty partner   
> jaunty partner (Source Code)
> jaunty main
> jaunty main (Source Code)
> jaunty main
> jaunty main (Source Code)
> free non-free
> free non-free (Source Code)
> Here is what I have under Authentication:
> Trusted software providers
> 437D05B5 2004-09-12
> Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster at>
> FBB75451 2004-12-30
> Ubuntu CD Image Automatic Signing Key <cdimage at>
> Will you help me get the Launchpad and Medibuntu Keys entered properly.
> I have tried to follow the instructions on the sites without success.  I 
> apparently don't understand part of their instructions.

It would be a great help if you could explain what part you do not
understand and if you get any errors when you follow the guide.

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