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Perry pwhite at
Mon Jul 20 21:27:12 UTC 2009


Fresh install of hardy on new computer.
Problem at beginning: screen resolution <=800x600 on a screen with recommended 

Basically this is due to the fact my pnp scren (HP 2309v) is not in the 
constructor's list and I (had to)? use a Generic LCD Panel configuration, 
more or less convenient, to make some progress.

After much googling and trying I now have 1600x1200, 
**but I can't find again the more 16/9 like 1360x768, that is more convenient 
at least because windows do not open past the screen (I reinstalled the 
system at some point, so I may not have loaded back all the vesa and X11 
 I would aim for a 1360x768 or for 1920x1080, other resolutions are either too 
low or let window open past the screen.
(I now can see the "-" (reduce) and the square (restore) widgets on new 
windows, but the "x" (close) is off on the right of the screen)

What I did: follow instructions in
but failed and still got the message "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA 
X driver. Please..."
***Perhaps this is worth tackling, any ideas?

I also tried to follow instructions 
in  "" and other 
sites, modify worg.conf, add modelines generated with "gtf"...

***Is there anything else I can do to obtain a decent and convenient 
resolution for my screen, but wait for programmers to compile a KUbuntu 
driver for the "HP 2309v"?

Thanks for any suggestions		Perry

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