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Sat Jul 18 04:02:38 BST 2009

On Friday 17 July 2009, Clay Weber wrote:
>On Friday 17 July 2009 1:28:49 pm Terrell Prudé Jr. wrote:
>> clay weber wrote:
>> > Unfortunately, drm is sort of necessary in a movie *rental* situation,
>> > and I grudgingly agree with its use in a case like this. Imagine how
>> > many movies I could save to my drive for my $17.95 per month
>> > subscription, then cancel after a month or so.
>> >
>> > clay
>> I guess it depends on how desperate one is to view movies online.  :-)
>> Personally, I'd rather just rent the DVD than deal with that Microsoft
>> SliverBlight DRM hassle.  DRM and proprietary formats are also why I
>> bought a Sandisk Sansa Clip instead of one of Apple's iBlobs.
>> There are alternatives.  You just need to decide how important instant
>> gratification is to you and what you're willing to give up for it.
>> --TP
>DRM on something you purchased is not a good thing. Copy protection on
>something you are simply renting - is that evil?

No, play that puppy in your dvd player only and its not a problem, 
particularly if its got aussie firmware, which ignores macrovision and region 

>I don't think so. it's not
>like it is infecting one's entire system.

Yeah, right...  Tell that to the folks who are still buying old Sony music 
cd's at WallyWorld.  Yup, that's right, Wally never sorted the infected stuff 
out and returned it, some of it is still there today.  A year ago I tried to 
tell a woman about 25 years old that the cd she just put in her cart was a 
Sony-BMG cd, and it had a virus that would infect her computer.  She just said 
she already had some Sony CD's and they hadn't bothered her yet.  Said she was 
running xp, and she ripped everything.  I saw her in there a month later, 
buying a new computer cuz her old one was so slow...

>And I won't consider installing
>Windows or buying a Mac for the convenience, though.

I get winderz only if I buy a new, ready made machine, which I did 4 years 
ago.  I finally wiped the xp when I installed Mandriva on it a couple of 
months ago.  I'd only had it booted to xp maybe 10 times in that 4 years.
I usually build my own, currently an ASUS mobo with a quad core 2.2 ghz phenom 
& 4 gigs of ram, with 4 drives totaling 2.9TB.  I like room to play.  With 
other distro's. :)

>Watching movies on demand is something I would prefer over going to the 
> video store - it's usually closed when I am not at work. Waiting the 2-3
> days for my next Netflix delivery is a nuisance, but so far it is not a
> terrible one (unless you count for my wife griping a bit when she doesn't
> have a movie to watch when she has run out :) )

That seems to be one of the things they can do well.  There are other talents 
that redeem them though. :)

Cheers Clay, Gene
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